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    “Cole will always wear *that hat*. No matter what head gear you give him.”

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    Street Fighter by Afu Chan

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    No matter what head gear

    This one is better

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    well??! it happened. please consider it still in the ‘experimental’ phase, i did the prologue as a cute way to kickstart the comic, i may come up with different update styles and methods. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE ON TAPASTIC! i’d also be so grateful if people could reblog this post and spread the word about my gross characters. follow-up post to come!

    hanni’s been hard at work, consider checking out their comic!

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    Time for #help me make it to release writing prompt number 3! You can find the original prompt announcement here and the post with the submissions is linked in the schedule below =)
    We are also running an art prompt found here alongside this one, be sure to check it out!


    • My friends and I have all thought up one prompt up to 6 total and have randomized these.
    • Every prompt will run for 18 days. We’ve roughly divided up the time till one day before American release date and left some extra for the 6th prompt.
    • I will post up one prompt at a time.
    • Posted prompts using the #help me make it to release writing prompt tag will be gathered in one post on the same day I post the next one up so people can enjoy all the entries =)
    • These prompts can be expanded upon! Want to add more characters? Do eeet. The prompt is a baseline, go crazy!
    • Minimum length guideline around 250-300 words (one page).

    Here’s the prompt schedule

    1. Wed July 23rd - Sun August 10th - Done!
    2. Mon August 11th - Fri Aug 29thDone!
    3. Sat August 30th - Tues Sept 16th
    4. Wed Sept 17th - Sun Oct 5th
    5. Mon Oct 6th - Fri Oct 24th
    6. Sat Oct 25th - Mon Nov 17th

    Without further ado I present to you: Prompt number 3!

    • Several members of the inquisition take Cole to a tavern to get him drunk.

    This prompt will run from today (30th of August) until the 16th of September.
    Next prompt up will start one day after, on the 17th.

    Don’t forget to use the #help me make it to release writing prompt tag if you want me to feature your ficlet at the end of the prompt! To be safe, PM me when you enter as well (tumblr tag search hates me). Now go forth and have fun! Look forward to seeing what everyone comes up with again =)