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    “Just tell her,” Varric had said, as if the whole matter could be solved by Solas just opening his mouth. The problem wasn’t the telling her part (okay, it was a huge part of it), but the main reason for his delay that Solas simply couldn’t find the right words to express it. He was frustrated…

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    I was wondering who to pair Tryggvi with, and came to the conclusion there would be none.

    But some people liked the idea of him with Dorian. And I figured I could draw some, but now I’ve entertained the idea too much I feel like it’s my canon…

    Gandie: Look.
    Winnit: Simply put, shit hanging from yer ass.
    Kakky: Shit.

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    the following scene.
    also, i received a lot of nice message and question after the last note.
    Thanks everyone, i’ll respond to all of them in the following day/week. I want to take time to respond properly, so don’t be angry if i take a little time.
    love you guys !

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    flashbanggrenade said: Ooh! I have a request, Carver ineffectually propositioning Merrill with as much awkwardness as you can squeeze into three sentences :]

    It was a sad, tragic, pathetic sight and Varric and Hawke were memorizing every moment of it.

    A drunk Carver had decided to try and…

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    i just miss doodling characters… it’s been a awhile, i might colour it : P

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    He Jiaying, peintre chinois contemporain

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