2. ashwara:

    The past week I’ve been feverishly trying to learn 3D. I don’t know why but suddenly it just occurred to me that I’d like to give it a shot and make a game someday.

    The thought got me really excited, and I spent three days doing nothing else but try to make this model and learn how it works. 

    It’s not perfect, there’s some stuff with the rig I’d like to fix and some of the texturing. Maybe clean up some of the geometry too, but I’d like to move on from it and try out some other models and environments.

    This came out way higher poly than I intended, so next I think I’ll try limiting myself even further. I could hardly sleep all week, I kept thinking of stuff I wanted to try and make, as well as story/concept ideas.

    Oh yeah and I used Blender.

  5. shardula:

    work-in-progress images of my Innocent Girls III

    (via cloudhime)

  7. gawki:


    what it feels like when the puppeteer invades his body

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  8. gawki:

    Dying King

    started this in december.. finally went back and finished it

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  9. urzara1:

    oh my dear maker

    he is such a musketeer

    i’m gonna romance this guy only because of his awesome mustaches.


  10. ladyinsanity:

    No time to make a news video, so here’s relevant Cullen tweets to pique your curiosity.