1. maxvinyl:

    they’re doing important inquisition stuff, probably

    (via padyluppet)

  3. demandthedoodles:

    Flowers and horns yesss.

  4. jabbyinquisition:

    They wound up calling it Nugwarts anyway.


    I am secretly hoping that this is one of the 40+ endings to Inquisition.

  5. frednought:

    sexuality: subtle femqunari forehead ridges

    I think I found a facial structure I’m happy with.  Still trying not to get too attached to any specific hair or surface details (scars, warpaint, etc), but I really hope the CC allows for non-Caucasian facial features for non-human player characters, too (Vivienne has made me fairly hopeful that humans, at least, will have a fair level of variety available).

    Face modeled after Kayla Clarke.


  6. shprd:

    Treat Yo Self, pt.2: the day in which they shall Treat Themselves is going to fall right in the dead of the Inquisition, so Cass is going to be very upset for an extended period of time. Bull wants in on the festivities. Solas doesn’t quite get it, but Vivienne and Dorian are eyeing him up and he’s getting nervous.

  7. frednought:

    81 Days ‘til the Inquisition:

    What’s your Inquisitor’s favorite color, and why?

    Unnamed Adaar likes blue.  Canon willing, her parents were lost in a shipwreck when she was a kid, and she’s had a sort of morbid fascination with the sea ever since.  She can’t stand being on ships, though—her last sea voyage was spent almost entirely in her cot below deck, trying her hardest not to vomit (and failing).

    Still playing around with facial structure uwu

  8. gunkiss:

    #Witchsona thing I never finished. I want to make a similar outfit for one of my dolls whom is going to be a witch 😊 #myart #sketch #wip


  9. needlesslycryptic:

    To anyone who’s looking for some new brushes for SAI - here’s a link to a large number of free Sai Brushes created by  Ramon Miranda